MISSION MAN MEDIA is a documentary film production company formed in 2006 dedicated to telling local stories with a global reach about issues that are important to everyone.

Part of our work has been a five year partnership with the Barker Foundation, a nonprofit adoption agency licensed in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. During that time, we’ve produced nearly two dozen short films about their overall programming, including Project Wait No Longer, an initiative focusing on older child adoption. We have filmed everything from parent training classes to intimate and difficult interviews with adopted children and their families.

During this process, we have gained an understanding and connection to the foster and adoption issue that can only be learned through experience. An example of our work with Barker is below:

We feel that the best way to get viewers to care about an issue is to personalize it and tell a universal story that everyone, no matter their situation, can relate to. With that in mind, we feel it would be best to choose three youth and follow them throughout the 6 days. We want to dedicate 2 days to each person, following them documentary style. 

By getting to know the youth personally through their journey, the audience will connect to the their story and in turn connect with NFYI. In addition to these stories we will interview NFYI staff, members of Congress, and guest speakers to dot the video with background about the program and inspirational messages about the future.

As we will be with the youth during their Shadow Day and have years of experience creating content on-the-go, we will also be able to produce social media content for NFYI that can be used immediately. 

“Mission Man Media has been committed to making superb videos that share the compelling stories of our clients and our organization. This could have been an intimidating project, but working with him has made it much easier.”
— Meghan Williams, Communications Officer, Childrens Law Center

Finally, MISSION MAN MEDIA has also produced dozens of videos for other nonprofits in North America, South America, and Africa that have been used for fundraising events, capacity building, and issue initiatives. This experience has taught us the importance of finding the balance between content that is entertaining and engaging for modern-day audiences but also contains the necessary information needed for a call to action. Our nonprofit work can be found at: http://www.missionmanmedia.com/nonprofits


All final deliverables can be made available to you two weeks from the end of the event, on June 21.


Pre-production/Research: $1500

Production July 1-6: $6000

Post-Production/Editing $3000

TOTAL                   $10,500