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Religious intolerance is the root cause of many problems facing communities all over the world. The results range from simple segregation within these communities to violence. Everyone throughout the world is feeling the effects of members of one religion refusing to respect the beliefs, practices or even the existence of other religions.

Is it possible that much of this comes simply from a lack of understanding among faiths?

The documentary film LOVE THY NEIGHBOR will take the unprecedented step of giving persons of faith the ability to intimately experience another religion and discover that while on the surface there are obvious differences between our many faiths, we also have much in common. To create this project, worship services of five religions will be filmed and then interweaved into a singular service - bringing to light how alike we all are despite perceived differences in creed, dogma, and ritual.

Over the course of a month, worship services in Charlotte, NC of five different religions will be filmed. We will follow each service from beginning to end, and then connect each sermon to create what will feel like a single worship experience. Each religious leader will speak about a single topic - how we can take the steps to actually start knowing, and loving our neighbor. The five sermons will be edited together to convey a singular message.

Our goal is not only to show that we have much more in common than previously imagined, but also that if we take the time to get to truly know each other, we may be able to take the steps needed to respect our differences and gain strength from our similarities.


Our cameras will capture every minute of the worship experience from the moment the congregants walk in the door, through each section of the service, until everyone has left. We will make sure to get similar shots at each location for continuity.

Prior to the services, religious leaders will be interviewed about what a worship service means to them and their congregation and what goes into creating a sermon. We will also interview parishioners to discover what they get out of going to service - whether it’s the sense of community, a spiritual recharge, or simply as a way of worshipping.

Most importantly, our interviews will delve into the perceived differences among religions and what can be done to bring more tolerance for others who are, on the surface, not the same.


LOVE THY NEIGHBOR will have the look and feel of an actual worship service. As we interweave footage of the different faiths and the interviews, we will keep the tone of each service intact. No additional soundtrack will accompany the religious leaders during their sermons as we respect the sanctity of the places of worship. The rituals and words of the religious leaders will be enough to convey the message.

One of our goals will be to compare and contrast the different traditions and rituals that go into each faith's service. How does a Christian minister and an Imam call their congregants to worship? Is there any similarity in the ways of prayer between Buddhism and Judaism?

We will also capture the majesty of each place of worship, further tying everything together.


As the goal of the film is to bring people together, LOVE THY NEIGHBOR will be viewed first at Interfaith community events throughout Charlotte, then made available to television stations and theaters throughout the world, with the ultimate goal being for as many people as possible to see the film.

We want LOVE THY NEIGHBOR to be the start of a movement.