Religious oppression and discrimination cause so much pain and conflict all over the world-- members of one religion refusing to respect the beliefs, practices or even the existence of others. Nations, regions, and local communities all feel this weight. Here in the US, home to a wide array of world religions and traditions, a lack of education and understanding about the religions of others, and a failure to find community and connection between them is damaging our larger society.

The film IN SERVICE will take the unprecedented step of giving people of faith in America the opportunity to experience others’ religions alongside their own in a way that celebrates the beauty, spirituality, and wisdom of each faith. The film’s unique format is designed to help viewers make connections between their own spiritual traditions and those of their neighbors. Over the course of an an hour, IN SERVICE will interweave the worship services of five different religions into a single, unified service -  bringing to light the similarities and connections between people supposedly divided by creed, dogma, and ritual. 

Over the course of a month, our crew will film five worship services from beginning to end, creating an hour-long film that weaves the services together to create what will feel like a single worship experience. Each religious leader will speak about a single topic - being “in service” to one another, and the five sermons will be edited together to convey a singular message. 

Our goal in making IN SERVICE is to show that, not only do we we have much more in common than we might imagine, but also that, if we take the time to get to truly know each other’s faiths, we can come together to respect our differences, gain strength from our similarities, and begin to create the bonds that are so crucial to a healthy society.


  • Our cameras will capture every minute of each religion’s worship experience from the moment the congregants walk in the door, through every section of the service, until everyone has left. We will make sure to get similar shots at each location for continuity.
  • Prior to the services, we will interview religious leaders about what a worship service means to them and their congregation, and what goes into creating a sermon. We will also interview parishioners to discover what they get out of going to services--whether it’s the sense of community, a spiritual recharge, or simply as a way of worshipping.


  • The film will have the look and feel of an actual worship service. As we interweave footage of the different faiths and the interviews, we will keep the tone of each service intact, respecting the sanctity of each place of worship and allowing the rituals and words of the religious leaders to convey the message. 
  • Camera work will emphasize the unique beauty of each place of worship, creating a sense of visual majesty that ties the different sections together.
  • The interwoven footage of each service will help the viewer to compare and contrast the different traditions and rituals that go into each faith's service. How does a Christian minister and an Imam call their congregants to worship? Is there any similarity in the ways of prayer between Buddhists and Baptists? How do these differences and similarities make us distinct, and how can they bring us together?

Our goal is for communities around the country to come together to watch the film, discuss the issues, and then figure out a way we can all move forward together. 

IN SERVICE is not just a documentary film but the start of a movement.