Mission Man Media is a Washington DC based film production company dedicated to producing affordable films for nonprofits and organizations who are affecting change around the world. Our goal is to help people communicate their message through media, whether it be short documentaries, web video series, or social media strategies.


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Emmett Williams - Executive Producer

Award-winning artist Emmett Williams founded Mission Man Media with the idea of telling stories in ways that have not been told before. As an internationally known musician, nationally exhibited photographer, and published writer, Emmett has made a career out of seeing things in a different way, while making his art accessible to a wide audience. After many years producing and writing for television, he is making the switch to tell his stories using compelling and entertaining feature-length documentaries.

Shira Kahan - Executive Producer

From age 12, Shira has been rather media obsessed. Whether consuming it from various sources or creating it, she knew from her first cold call to film bagels at 5am that she was born to produce. Hailing from the Washington DC area, Shira has since lived in London, New York, and DC. After graduating with a degree in TV/Video Production from Ohio University, Shira joined Americorps NCCC, where she spent “the toughest but best 10 months” doing everything from building houses to picking prairie seeds, all in government sanctioned uniform. Shira then spent time in informal education as the Assistant Director of her summertime home, Camp Louise, and as the Grandmaster General of Awesomeness at the School for Tomorrow.  Shira  joins Mission Man Productions with a knack for producing, a killer eye for style and detail, and the ability to wrangle adults, children and animals with expert poise. 

Sydnye White - Executive Producer

Sydnye White is a National Emmy-nominated producer and writer. She served as Supervising Producer on the PBS series “Moneywise” and Producer on the PBS programs “Traveling Smart”, Who’s Afraid To Be A Millionaire”, “Heaven on Earth” and “Closer To Truth”.  Her expertise runs the gamut from development, supervising staff and crews, directing field and studio shoots, overseeing music and graphics, and revising the look and feel of ongoing series. Sydnye runs the website Docs and TV and has written and edited articles on a variety of subjects including "Documentary by Design" for Cinema Journal. 

Memo Salazar - Creative Director

As a professional producer and editor, Memo Salazar has worked in nearly every type of medium possible, from independent film to broadcast television to animation to feature length films to music videos to podcasts. His vision and experience make each Mission Man Media production a perfect mix of art and accessibility.